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OV Canada is a nongovernmental entity providing a value added service for those who want to immigrate to Canada. The Canadian Skilled worker program and student program is open at no cost in the Canadian official website. The information contained on the pre-eligibility test is only intended to provide an initial indication of your visa eligibility and should not be applied to an individual case. You should not rely on these results only. As Canada Immigration law is subject to regular legislative and other practical changes you need to complete a comprehensive assessment of your personal situation. Further analysis is required by one of our experts to determine your suitability for a visa. If you wish to obtain a comprehensive assessment of your eligibility for a visa to Canada, you should complete the Online Assessment. Once you have completed this step and are found eligible, you can purchase a service that will enable one of our Registered Migration Agents to assist you with your case.

All personal data provided by you over the phone via email and on our website was used to determine your eligibility. You will need to validate all your information to the Canadian authorities and meet the standards put in place by the Canadian Authorities to lodge a successful application. We are not responsible of the accuracy or completeness of your information.